All technology companies share the same marketing objective – to credibly stand out from the competition and achieve top-of-mind awareness. The challenge is how to get there on a limited budget, in a crowded category, within a reasonable timeframe.

Great PR is about a lot more than media outreach. It's part art, part science, part intuition and part intellectual acuity. Great PR begins with industry knowledge and competitive awareness, and knowing how to uniquely position a company so it stands apart. It's about concise messaging that's relevant to prospective targets, and it's about developing a smart campaign that will sustain newsworthiness long past the launch date. Lastly, it's about relentless execution across a vast media spectrum. At the end of the day, it's about relevance and a narrative that will achieve a sublime resonance with its intended audience.

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our Approach

We see ourselves as marketing partners first and PR practitioners second, and believe we can't succeed at the latter if we don't initially have a broader understanding of our client's overall business objectives.
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Who We Are

The two founding principals at Resonance Public Relations have more than 50 years of combined marketing and public relations experience in the technology sector with firms as large as Microsoft and Intel.
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Resonance Public Relations works on a true partnership basis. They are smart, hands-on and driven to overachieve on their commitments.close quote
Randy Wootton CMO AdReady