Our Approach

We see ourselves as marketing partners first and PR practitioners second, and believe we can't succeed at the latter if we don't initially have a broader understanding of our client's overall business objectives. We like to work with emerging-growth companies and enjoy the fast pace and the pressure of startups. Our challenge is to find what is truly unique about each client and communicate that in the simplest, most credible way possible. That's why every new assignment begins with a Discovery meeting where we get to know what keeps our clients up at night and discover approaches that allow us to succeed in our long-term PR efforts.

Anybody can create news in the beginning. Good PR extends the news cycle for months and years. To achieve that, we utilize a variety of tactics, such as surveys, testimonials and social media, as well as develop a keen understanding of each journalist's interests and agenda.

Great editorial coverage happens when we can make our client's messages resonate with each reporter's agenda. And it happens most often with a team that has experience, expertise and offers exceptional execution. This is our recipe for success.

If you want the smartest people in the room on your side, hire Resonance PR.
Vicky Oxley, Vice President, What Counts.